środa, 19 listopada 2014

Big City Drawbacks

Imagine you come from a quiet village, where everything around you is green and beautiful. You're surrounded by picturesque landscapes, you're able to touch the softness of fresh grass everytime you wish, you can hide in the forest, where no one has a chance to look at you... And than it comes the time when you have to leave this garden of Eden and move to a city. The grey aura is overwhelming, you can't find you're own place, so close to your beloved nature. So you seek fot it, desperately - for every tiny piece of green plant you find. Unfortunately, every time you try to enjoy the moment, there is always something that reminds you, you're not in the country anymore... Park trees are not your forest trees, birds singing are replaced by the hiss od cars and the blue sky is hidden behind the shadow of huge, grey skyscrapers.

Even in your own garden, you cannot just relax, and admire the view of the clouds. The horizon is missing, all you can see is another block of flats.

 And even if you finally get used to all that, there is still something wrong... Is it the feeling of being always observed by some pair of courious, anonymous eyes, that will sink into the crowd unnoticed, as soon an you turn back?

At the and I have to admit - I was lying. I absolutely love big cities and I promise one day I'll show the positive side of them. I just created some fictional story, which argues with my persolan feelings - yet still I find it convincing.  But I warned you I'm going to lie.

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